Monthly Archives: February 2010

Ranking system will come to TankTigers 1.3

Everyday, Intenet-Matching is hot! We are recording all scores for ranking system. Here’re the top 10 players from Feb 1st to 19th! Rank Name Tank Map Score 1 newbie29 TigerI Berlin 11446 2 ouch TigerI Berlin 10816 3 ouch TigerI Berlin 10582 4 Soldier TigerI Berlin 10437 5 ouch TigerI Berlin 10318 6 -CW390- TigerI Berlin 10243 7 -CW390- StugIII Berlin 10118 8 ouch TigerI Berlin 10043 9 Soldier TigerI Berlin 10038 10 -CW390- TigerI Berlin 9956 So much Tiger-I players! 🙂 And only one StugIII worked hard! Excellent! In next update, you will be able to see the ranking list in TankTigers(and ES). Monthly, weekly and daily, each ranking […]

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