Locole is now ready for sale!

Before last one tank entry of TankTigers1.3, we introduce a new game app.
It’s easygoing and warm puzzle game named “Locole”.

The game rule is simple.
You need connect railroads, and lead train to the terminal station safely.
In any stations, passengers are waiting for you.
Pick them and carry. You will get score the number of passengers.

OK, let’s look at youtube movie.

Too easy?
Yes, it looks easy, but there also be more difficult stages.

The latter half of this movie is replay mode movie.
Locole has replay mode. I’m happy only to watch replay. 🙂
More details and screenshots are available on Locole Page.

And more, Locole has capability for posting activity to social sites (twitter and facebook).
Let’s clear all stage and show your score to your friends! 🙂

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