Internet-Matching will be add on TankTigers 1.2

One week has passed after the TankTigers 1.1 release.

Do you enjoy a new map and tanks?
We wish you enjoying these.
And we also continue developing more additional features for all TankTigers player.
New maps and tanks will be increased in every update! 🙂

Not only new maps and tanks but great feature will be added, Internet-matching! yeah!

TankTigers has multiplayer mode via WiFi or Bluetooth yet, so you can play with your friends.
But only one point that you should feel dissatisfy is, I know, you need some other player to play multiplayer mode near by you.

In the next version 1.2, you can play TankTigers multiplayer mode with players around the world by the new feature of internet-matching.
Goody! Of course, you need no more fee for internet-matching!