A new stage is Solomon Islands

Screenshot 2009.12.01 22.10.52Thank you for waiting.
In this entry, we would like to talk about the new map.
That is Solomon Islands!!

Solomon Islands is famous for Guadalcanal that was bitter battle field of World War II.
Screenshot 2009.12.01 22.10.28

Look at next screenshot please.
Screenshot 2009.12.01 22.46.34
How beautiful that blue sky is!!

The majority of the map is covered with complicated jungle.
So your sight will obstructed by tropical trees.
Screenshot 2009.12.01 22.11.46
Moreover, the camouflage pattern of Chi-ha are very effective.
Can you detect a Chi-ha in the jungle on right side? 🙂
Chi-ha might appear in front of you when you relax your guard.

There are some hangars and a command place in the south of this map.
You can look far away in this point.
Screenshot 2009.12.01 22.13.11
In multiplayer mode, there is a flag in front of the command place.
Of course, You will be able to hide yourself in a big hangar.

And a new BGM should also bring you tropical jungle 🙂