Another one is assault gun

Screenshot 2009.12.04 18.37.11
Up to now, we have added general tanks that have revolutionable turret.
But, we will add the tank without that feature in the next update.
It’s “StugIII”! year!

As usual, let’s look.
You can no turret controller in the screenshot.
Screenshot 2009.12.10 22.20.55
StugIII has weakness to defend its side and back, but its firepower will cover that.

Screenshot 2009.12.10 22.23.24
And its flat body is suitable for hinding behind a barricade.
Ambush-style tactics serves a dual pupose for StugIII.

We will add tanks of various variations in future update.
We plan not only general type tanks but also specialized weapons like assult guns, multi turret tanks artillerys,and so on.
We may add the railway siege too! 🙂