PolygonGraffiti has been submitted to AppStore


Today, we submitted PolygonGraffiti to AppStore.
It has taken much time to complete this application.
Because this application is not game but toy.

You will be able to enjoy creative time in your iPhone with PolygonGraffiti.
Let’s look at the following screenshots. There are examples that made with this application.

How lovely this Father Christmas is ?

You can put on polygon primitives like cubes, cones and so on in your iPhone.
Then, let’s move, rotate, scale and color these.
Finally, finish your work with synthesizing to a photo.
You can easily make a simple polygon graffiti in a few minutes.


Of course, you can take time to make your masterpiece.
You can use up to 500 objects in one scene.

And we want you touch PolyGra first at all, we prepared free version.
No functional limit, but a adverising banner on the layout view.
We also prepared no-ad version. That is only $0.99 🙂
You can take your choice.