FREE INTERNET MATCHING has come! TankTigers 1.2 is now ready for sale!

Thank you for waiting.
TankTigers 1.2 is now in AppStore.
Internet-Matching server has already opened for all world players!
Of course, this update and Internet-Matching play are FREE!

Have a review new features of 1.2 once more.

  • Multiplayer mode through the Internet.
  • Two new tanks – StugIII and B1bis
  • A new map of Solomon Islands

You can select the way of joining Internet-Matching game.
If you select “NG”, you will enter a room of waiting for game starting.
Do you want to play right now?
Let’s select “OK” for “joining game halfway”.
You will join a halfway game that have remaining time more than selected time.

Now, seven tanks and three maps have been available by this update.
Tanks, maps and other new features will be appended more and more in every update.
You can update and play these with FREE. 🙂