Ranking system will come to TankTigers 1.3

Everyday, Intenet-Matching is hot!

We are recording all scores for ranking system.
Here’re the top 10 players from Feb 1st to 19th!

Rank Name Tank Map Score
1 newbie29 TigerI Berlin 11446
2 ouch TigerI Berlin 10816
3 ouch TigerI Berlin 10582
4 Soldier TigerI Berlin 10437
5 ouch TigerI Berlin 10318
6 -CW390- TigerI Berlin 10243
7 -CW390- StugIII Berlin 10118
8 ouch TigerI Berlin 10043
9 Soldier TigerI Berlin 10038
10 -CW390- TigerI Berlin 9956

So much Tiger-I players! 🙂
And only one StugIII worked hard! Excellent!

In next update, you will be able to see the ranking list in TankTigers(and ES).
Monthly, weekly and daily, each ranking list updates everyday.

And, the ranking list of single player mode score will also be added.
That shows you your rank for your score.
Get higher rank, General of the Army!

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