Last One Tank

Thanks all players waiting for TankTigers1.3.
Yesterday, we have submitted TankTigers 1.3update to Apple! πŸ™‚
Today, we introduce the last tank of version 1.3.
That’s “ISU-122”!

As you know, ISU-122 is a self-propelled gun of Soviet Union.
It has unique silhouette and performance.
Let’s look at the screenshot.

Wow! The longest hit range that has!
It reaces to borderline in fog. πŸ™‚
And, it’s damage is superb too.
But, Armor is thin. Moving and rotating speed is slow.
Be careful playing with this tank if you are not a sniper.

ISU-122, KingTiger and PanzerIV will come soon.
For TankTigers users, additional these tanks will be free to update!
And for TankTigersES, new item β€œTank Category 3β€³ will be available at IAP ($0.99).

And world ranking for single-player mode will open.
We wish all TankTigers player enjoy this update!!

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