Locole 1.1 is now ready for sale!

Yesterday, Locole 1.1 was released.
In AppStore of Japan, Locole was ranked in Top10 free apps, and is picked up “New and Noteworthy”.
We are glad that many users play Locole.
And we developed 1.1 for the players with more stages as a token of our thanks.

Additional features are following.

Added new 16 stages to existing paid contents.
No payment, if you already have “unlocked Stage4-32”.
Cows are eating grasses on ranch in these new stages. 🙂

Added pause function.
When you want to pause the game, tap the time button on the top of the screen then the game is paused.
And when you tap it again, the game is resumed.

Added Japanese localization for Twitter and facebook posting messages.
Posting messages are belonged to your iPhone (iPodTouch) language setting.
When language setting is Japanese, posting messages are in Japanese.
And another settings,posting messages are in English.

We also plan next update (1.2).
Please wait for detail of 1.2! 🙂