Monthly Archives: December 2012

Christmas and New Year’s Sale!

Our holiday sale is composed of two parts. Christmas Sale is between Dec 22 and Dec 25! Best Christmas presents are here! πŸ™‚ Save over 50% in our christmas and new year’s sale.     Locole (IAP) $1.99 β†’ $0.99 ELocole $1.99 β†’ $0.99 KLocole (IAP) $1.99 β†’ $0.99     New Year’s Sale is between Dec 25 and Jan 3! Subsequently, β€œNew Year’s Sale” will begin!! To prepare for the new year, we will offer free or 50% off apps.     PolygonGraffiti $0.99 β†’ FREE!! AmericanRescue $0.99 β†’ FREE!! TankTigersTactics $3.99 β†’ $1.99 TankTigersTacticsHD(IAP) $1.99 β†’ $0.99   γ€€ γ€€   Check them out on App Store!