Let’s connect railroads and lead the train to the terminal station!
Many passengers are waiting for your train in the way station.
Please do not leave them. It’s important to carry them all to get a high-score!

KLocole - Available on the iPhone AppStore








How to play

Select and tap one of “Rail Panels”.
The rail panel is putted at “Target Cursol”.
If you push wrong panel, slide your finger, and release it inside of correct panel.

The train runs on the connected rail panels.
When the train is arrived at the terminal station, you clear the stage.
If the rail panel is connected to wrong direction, the train will be crashed.
And you will lose your score in the stage and game will be over.


Replaying your recorded play.
If the replaying ends, it rewind and replay permanently.

If you click “Keep Current Replay”, replay data is not overwritten until you click it again or click “save replay” when you clear stages.
If you dont do so, replay data is overwritten every your playing.

To click “Clock” icon switches displaying clock on/off in replay mode.