Do you think “3D modeling is difficult for me” ?
That’s wrong!
PolyGra makes you a expert 3d modeler.

Only few steps, you can create funny works anything you want.

That’s doubtful?

OK,let’s have a look!
You will understand how easily you can create works with PolyGra. 🙂



PolyGra’s Interface

You can lay objects in this screen.
There are four menu buttons in each corners.
These menu open submenu.

Menu details

Shape Palette
You can choose a 3D primitive shape.
When you touch a screen in “Put” mode, a object you selected shape will be created.

Color Palette
You can choose 3D shape’s color.
When you touch a object in “Paint” mode, a touched object will be painted to selected color.

Tool Palette
You can choose tool mode of PolyGra’s operation.

In this mode, you can create a object at touched position.
The object’s shape is that you’ve selected in “Shape Palette”,
and its color is that you’ve selected at “Color Palette”.
In this mode, you can delete a object you touched.
If you want to delete all objects, you should use “Delete All” in system menu.
Change Viewpoint
You can change your viewpoint.
This mode is very important for you.
Because, you will need to move and rotate to any direction.
You can paint a objects color you touched.
Any color is ok. choose in your sense.
You can move a object.
You can roteta a object.
You can resize a object.
Be careful, a small object is buried in a large object.

System Menu
This menu contains system operations.

Delete All
You can delete all objects.
Be careful!
You can synthesize your work with a photograph.
You can save your work. When you created fine work, do not forget saving your work.
You can load your work or a template data.