About operation in game.



This gauge shows your tank HitPoint.
HitPoin decreases when the enemy attack is hitted.
When HitPoint becomes 0, the tank is destroyed.

This lamp shows connection state of game host.
It is green when connection state is satisfactory. But it is red when connection state is not good.
When the state with red lamp is continued, you leave from game.

Reloading Meter
This meter shows whether tank can fire the bullet.
If you fired, this meter become empty.
The emptied meter is filled in time’s passing.

Drive Controller
This controller control the go ahead and back and turn of your tank.

Turret Revolution
This controller operates revolving the turret.

Fire Button
When this button touched, The bullet is launched from your tank gun aiming at the direction of the turret.
The bullet is not able to launch when loading the bullet is not in time.