TTTactics (TankTigersTactics) is 3D Tank Real-Time-Strategy Game.

The stage is World War II.
Command your tanks and lead Allies to Win!

TTTactics - Available on the iPhone AppStore


InGame Title
InGarage P47 Special Attack
InAward C47 Paratroop

How to play



Tap a waiting tank that you want to sally.
If you want to return a tank to your garage, tap the “X” button.
Or tap the serving tank and tap the waiting tank, these tanks are exchanged.



Very simple! 🙂
Tap tank and tap cursor you want to move.
All your tanks combat to enemy automatically.

If you got a special card, tap and open menu.
You can use these cards in anytime as you like.
But card power is very strong, so you should think more the timing. 🙂