Q. The game terminated abnormally.

A. Please confirm your iPhone or iPodTouch are charged enough.
If the charge is enough, Please E-mailing to us the state before terminating abnormally.
We are possible to work on early cause investigation and the solution. 🙂

Q. SinglePlay Hi-Score is disappeared.

A. When you uninstalled game, Hi-Score is disappeared.
Moreover, there is a possibility of resetting the high score for the faireness of all players when important bugfix or balance adjustment.
Please acknowledge it.

Q. You are not possible to join MultiPlay game or the host is not found.

A. Please confirm the WiFi setting of your iPhone (or iPodTouch). Moreover, is long distance with the host away or is shield among?

Q. Game connection is lost and comes off the MultiPlay game.

A. Are you too much away from WiFi access point? Or, is there any noisy device like a microwave oven near by you?